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If I was a professor, I would have at least 2, maybe 3, papers due throughout the semester and they would have to be a minimum of 5 pages. I’d make them about things that were really hard to research so they would have to stretch facts and give their opinion. I wouldn’t want it like a normal research paper. I wouldn’t care if you used the words “I” and “you” because I want your opinion.

Then, the final assignment would be to take one of those papers and condense it down to 1 page to see that opinions change everything.

Talk to him first, they said. Guys love that, they said.

Apr 2

There’s over 9 million users on Tumblr now. Reblog if you’re one of the few who’s never EVER left anon hate in somebody’s ask box.



If you can’t reblog this…



That’s a fucking low number. That’s fucking sad.

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Apr 1

I hate this feeling. This feeling of not knowing if you like me or not. This feeling of knowing you won’t talk to me even if I tried. This feeling of knowing that if I wait for you to text me first, I will be waiting until the cows come home when I have no cows. This feeling of knowing that when I see you, you will act like nothing is wrong. Like I didn’t text you last night and wait for 3 hours for a response after knowing you saw it. This feeling happens every time your name is brought up. I can’t help it. It came out of nowhere. This feeling eats away at me and you have no clue. You are so oblivious to how obvious I make it That feeling is eating me alive and I don’t even know if I care anymore.

I don’t think you would believe me even if I told you. You would never believe me.

Feb 8

I’m pretty sure the list of uninjured riders would be shorter than the injured list. Everyone is getting hurt, even the bull fighters.

Feb 8

Its sad that I can’t stand getting on Twitter anymore because I get to see you hit on every girl in the county that is 2-4 years younger than you.

Feb 5

So I had a lovely person in a big-ass flatbed truck go up the road, come back down the road very slowly, turn around in my neighbor’s driveway, and then rev the engine as they go by my house.

Feb 4

Gosh. He is perfection.

Feb 4

Running a Taylor Swift blog and One Direction blog. Conflict of interest? I have yet to decide.